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Level Regulator  Water.

Series RL 21



RL 21 series.

Level Regulator Water

General Features



Steam, Water, non-corrosive media, non-flammable fluids.




Micro support Polyarylamide.

Electric Contacts:Cu Ag


Parts in contact with the fluids:

Body:Printed Brass.

Levers sealing Teflon cones.

Sphere:Stainless Steel AISI 304

Electrical Data

N.C. contact:15 (1,5)A

N.O. contact: 9 (0,9)A

Connection (fast-on): 6,30 x 0,8

Electrical life: Approx 50.000 impulses


Made according to:       

Standard CEI EN 60730 -2-15/A1

Mechanical Life:

About 106 operations



1,9 kg


Special Executions

- With folded Rod in stainless steel.

- Rubber cup 90 degrees for fast on connection

- Rubber cup for fast-on connection

-Nickel-plated Brass.



To be set up on 1" flanges with a fastening nut.

The regulation is done by screwing/unscrewing two screws (one per each microswitch)

The PBT material is able to withstand high temperatures with a high degree off insulation.  The regulator has a fastener for the cable as a precautionary measure.




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Solenoid Valves, Switches & Pumps

General Features


Minimum differential working pressure: 0 Bar

Parts in contact with the fluid:

Sealing:                                NBR on request FPM - EPDM

                                             EPDM - KTW sealing approved and DVGW certified


Body:                                     Brass

Internal Parts:                        Stainless Steel


Fluids suitable:                 Air - Water - Light Oils.


One way direction valve.

Servicable Valve.

Valve Supplied with:                -Three pole plug connector UNI ISO 4400

                                                  (DIN 43650A) - IP65


Mounting position:                    We advise installation of the valve with the coil

                                                  vertical.  Models 8417, 8418, 8419 must be

                                                  mounted in the horizontal position with the coil



Ambient temperature:             80 Degrees C. in DC

                                                (current) for temperatures higher than 40

                                                Degrees C, the performances (M.O.P.D.)

                                                could decrease.


Special Executions                 - Version with water hammer device for slower

                                                  closing time.


                                                - For models8415 and 8416, coil type B20 (30w) is

                                                  available to increase performances (M.O.P.D.) in

                                                  D.C. to 4 BAR pressue.